Welcome all to Balancing Becca!

So this is the page where I tell you all about me and my blog…. Hmmm well…

Me: My name is Becca (clearly), I am 24 and from a lil Ol’place called Yorkshire where we ‘all’ know everyone when we don’t know no one.

I have 2 lovely cats and my very own looneytoon Staffie cross called Margo.

Most important things you need to know about me is, I am clinically Obese, suffer from crazy anxiety where I get scared to talk to people and actually leave my home and a gold medal winning procrastinator, you say run I say for how much cake and can you give lift.

The Blog: Well this blog is a reality check / health/ lifestyle and therapy session all in one!

It all started when I had three days off work and then the weekend, in total five glorious stress free days to get my arse in to gear and sort out the house from top to bottom, take the dog out twice a day and get exercising and eating healthy….. 5 days, 8 seasons of Entourage, 3 seasons of My Mad Fat Diary (hit too close to home) and a bunch of unhealthy snacks and late bedtimes later… I was depressed, had headaches from binge eating and watching TV. I felt bad guys and WOW I looked worse, it was the lowest of the low.

So here I am… trying to restore some balance in my life by getting fitter, eating healthier, been organised and getting out there!!!


Hope you stick around