Realization Leading to a Fresh Start

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Hello one and all,

Soooooo I had a nice realization from last night’s gym session which included the following, bingo wings, Muffin top (or as I like to say Cake Shelf) and not to mention a couple of chins.
So here is my before shot for my fresh start on life. I am going to give myself 120 days, 17 weeks to drop hopefully a dress size or two.


I will be doing this by cutting down on the bad, upping the good and exercising daily so far, so good…. I went to the gym yesterday with a warm up session then intense step and tone class and today a 5.30am home session, including Squats, Donkey Kicks and Sit ups.

As for the my mind, well the fresh start for this is going to be for me to get back in to writing my nonsense on here, open them books I used to adore and have got to lazy to pick up, start doing brain teaser and continue with Spanish lessons. The brain is a beautiful machine inside your body with a unlimited capacity for knowledge and there is so much of the world to teach you how to live & how to love, so let it in!

I have had enough with this way off living and feeling how I feel. No one should wake up and feel bad with who and where they are in life.

You only get one so why live it miserable.

It s time to celebrate life and I want to start my new one healthier in both mind and body.

Wish me Luck